Fit Body Weight-Lifting Program
I created The Fit Body Program for girls who want to take their fitness to the next level. It’s designed for those who are relatively new to lifting weights and want to not only get in the best shape of their lives, but learn how to design their very own workouts as well! This program is 12 weeks long and broken up into phases that build upon one another to keep you from plateauing. The workouts are fun and challenging!



Great ‘Stems’ Leg Workout
Want to build strong, sexy legs? This high-intensity workout will not only build beautiful, lean muscle, it will provide you with a revved metabolism for hours afterward! With the effort your body must go through to rebuild the muscle, this workout doubles as a major fat burner!

Leg Day Demolition
I did this workout a couple weeks ago and it left me sore for days! Build lean strong legs with this killer workout.


Build-A-Better Back Workout
Build a strong, sculpted back with this back workout! You may also want to pre-plan a trip to Massage Envy afterward…. (kidding… kinda) ;)


Bold-Shoulders Workout
Create strong, sexy shoulders with this delt-defining shoulder workout!


Superset-Packed Arm Workout
If you want to take years to achieve what could take only months, stick to the beauty bells. If you want to change your physique noticeably in a matter of months, don’t be afraid tochallenge yourself and pick up the heavy dumbbells! Give this workout a try!


Do-Anywhere Plyometric Workout
Ever had one of those days where you seemingly blink and the day is half-gone? You make plans, and find that other obligations get in the way? Sometimes I admit, it’s hard to make time for the gym… but that doesn’t mean you can’t fit in a exercise at home! You can literally do this workout just about anywhere.. home, dorm room, park, track… HERE YA GO BUSY-BEES! =)


Killer Ab Workout
Sculpt killer abdominals with this ab workout (and some important nutrition tips!)


How to Build a Tight and Firm Booty
This is what I did to build a booty I am proud of… and the great news is, so can you! Read on for tips and a glute-tastic workout!