Muscle vs Fat

Muscle vs Fat

I get a lot of questions from girls asking me why their measurements and their appearance changes when they start eating clean and lifting weights, but that the weight on the scale doesn’t change. This is a good sign ladies! It means you’re making progress!

When you build muscle, it takes up much less space because it is denser than fat.

So hypothetically… let’s say you have 2 identical twins.. both 5’4” weighing 120 pounds, but one is 12% body fat and the other is 20% body fat… The twin with more muscle (12% body fat) is going to have smaller measurements than the twin with more fat (20% body fat).

In addition to this make-believe scenario…. if these same two twins were sitting on the couch all day doing absolutely nothing…. the twin with more muscle would be burning more calories, just by being alive. Why? Because muscle is metabolically active tissue… in other words, muscle requires more calories to maintain than fat.

These are just a couple of basic reasons why getting enough protein and incorporating resistance training into your exercise regimen is so important!

Build muscle ladies, it’s your friend! =)


  1. Trisha says

    do you have any tips of gaining weight on the buttocks area, a workout routine?s