How to Stay Healthy on Vacation!


I am often asked how to stay on track with diet and exercise while traveling, so I thought I’d write up some tips and tricks I’ve learned over the past year of serious training and clean eating!

Eating clean can be tricky, but depending on where you’re going and your mode of travel, there are numerous ways you can keep your diet healthy.

Bring foods that don’t easily perish or are not perishable. For example:

  • Healthy fats like almonds, avocado and olive oil.
  • Lean proteins like canned/packet tuna, canned/packet salmon, protein powder & homemade protein bars.
  • Complex carbs like oatmeal, canned legumes (preferably low sodium), canned veggies (low sodium if possible or rinse them), sweet potatoes, yams, quinoa, brown rice, apples.

You can also cook your food and freeze it. Separate veggies from meats. When you get to your destination, immediately put the food in the fridge. Depending on how long your trip is going to take, this can be a VERY effective way to have warm/cooked food on hand. Just remember, leaving food out for too long can cause bacteria to grow.

When at restaurants or at friends’ or families’ homes, do your best to choose healthy options. 

When at family get togethers, it’s hard to turn down home-cooked meals. You don’t have to offend your host by not eating.. simply control your portions. Load up on veggies & salad. Keep the servings of meat, starches, simple carbs and fattier foods small. This way you won’t feel hungry and you also won’t feel awkward, or as though you’re offending your host. Skip the dressings if you can and either skip dessert or keep the serving small. There is nothing wrong with splurging once in awhile, but if you are trying to watch your diet, those are a few tips I recommend.

When at restaurants, there are several tips I suggest. Follow the link below for my tips on eating out at restaurants!

Training can be done quickly and efficiently in a confined space like a hotel. There is no need for fancy equipment or hours of time to get in a great workout. Intense, tabata-style workouts are a great way to exercise while on the road (or even at home!) Give my “dorm room workout” a try! Here are a few links to some other fantastic workouts when you’re in a pinch!

Jamie Eason Plyometric Workout with Playing Cards

Body Rock Hotel Room Workout

No Weights Workout by Men’s Health

There are always ways to fit in healthy eating and exercise. If you want to stay on track, there is no problem doing so! If you genuinely want to accomplish something you will find a way.. if not.. you will find an excuse 😉